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How Parents are Turning to Homeschooling

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdowns last April, families have wrestled with meeting the academic needs of their children as education has left the brick-and-mortar building and migrated into the dining rooms and living rooms of their homes. Whether they intended to or not, these families are getting a crash course in the possibilities and opportunities that homeschooling can offer. In this interview, … Read More How Parents are Turning to Homeschooling


Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer


College Rankings and Good Judgment

Now is the time of year when various media outlets traditionally release college rankings. St. John’s College has long opposed the very notion of a single-scale college ranking. We believe that the intrinsic diversity and individual character of our nation’s colleges and universities cannot, and therefore should not, be reduced to a single scale. Doing so gives prospective students and their parents the false impression that some set of … Read More College Rankings and Good Judgment


Russell Kirk on Academic Freedom

“To what truths, then, ought the Academy to be dedicated? To the proposition that the end of education is the elevation of reason of the human person, for the human person’s own sake. To the proposition that the higher imagination is better than the sensate triumph. To the proposition that the fear of God, and not the mastery over man and nature, is the … Read More Russell Kirk on Academic Freedom