Lost Tools of Writing Workshop

When:  Thursday, October 19th, 9am to 3pm
Where:  Crossing Community Church, 80 Lower Silver Lake Rd, Newtown, PA
Cost:  $47
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CiRCE Certified Master teacher and co-author of The Lost Tools of Writing, Leah Lutz, will offer a detailed introduction to this curriculum designed to teach composition to high school students using the foundations of classical rhetoric.  Ms. Lutz will reveal how to solve the three problems all writers face, present questions that make for deep thinking which leads to good writing, and explore why writing (or teaching writing) does not need to be stressful.
Lunch is offered for $10.
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Additional Workshop!!

What:  Mimetic Teaching (New)
When:  Wednesday evening October 18th, 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Cost:  $30
Register Here for Mimetic Teaching Workshop
Ms.  Lutz, will offer a detailed introduction to this classical mode of teaching, answering   1. What is mimetic teaching   2. What is a mimetic lesson   3. How to plan a mimetic lesson. (Working through model lessons together)